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Project Team: Sarah Evans, Todd Murray, Scarlet Tang
Graphic Designer - Print: Midline Design
Web Design & Layout: Patrik Hertzog

Many thanks to those who generously gave their time to help develop recommendations and review drafts for technical accuracy: Dr. Craig Cogger, Dr. Catherine Daniels, Carrie Foss, Craig MacConnell, Eric Miltner, Erika Stroebel, and Rick Wright. However, any and all errors are the responsibility of the authors and not the reviewers.

Lakescaping: Buffers for Your Backyard
Writer: Kurt Baumgarten
Illustrations: Roxanna Esparza
Photographs: Sarah Evans, Midline Design

Lawn Care: Keeping Your Lawn and Lake Whatcom Healthy
Writer: Sarah Evans
Illustrations: Todd Murray

Passive Aggressive Plants: Your Plants' Natural Defenses
Writer: Sarah Evans, Todd Murray
Photographs: Dr. Art Antonelli (Root Weevils, Rhododendron leaves), Sarah Evans (Peace, Impatient, and Heirloom roses),

Soil: Don't Treat It Like Dirt
Writer: Scarlet Tang
Photographs: PhotoDisc (cover),
Illustrations: Todd Murray

The Ten Most Un-Wanted Pests
Writer: Sarah Evans, Todd Murray
Photographs: John Capinera, Colorado State University (root weevil); Jack Kelly Clark, University of California (rose aphid); Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University (slug); Lindsey du Toit (black spot); Don Eastman (dandelion, Himalayan blackberry); Sarah Evans (crane fly, moss); Carrie Foss (powdery mildew); Todd Murray (Winter Moth)

Top Secret Agents: Fighting Lake Whatcom's Most Unwanted Pests
Writer: Sarah Evans, Todd Murray
Photographs: Gillette Entomology Club, Colorado State University (yellowjacket, ground beetle, assassin bug, hoverfly: Whitney Cranshaw; ladybug: Frank Peairs); Elizabeth Beers (predatory mite); Patrik Hertzog (bird); Eric LaGasa (parasitic wasp); Todd Murray (tortoise beetle)

Turf Alternatives: Groundcovers for Whatcom County
Writer: Laurel Shiner
Photographs: Sarah Evans & Lisa Wickland (baby's tears, blue star creeper, bolax, dwarf mondograss, emerald carpet, Irish moss, New Zealand brass buttons, Oregon grape, salal, Scotch moss, strawberry, wintergreen); Laurel Shiner (Corsican mint, creeping thyme, kinnickinnick, lamb's ears, purple rock cress); Janet Novak (barren strawberry)

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