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Roses and Rhododendrons

These two common landscape plants are often plagued with significant pest problems that send landowners reaching for pesticides. Roses are frequently victims of three fungal diseases: rust, powdery mildew, and black spot. Each disease looks like its namesake. Rhododendrons are plagued by root weevils, which are snout-nosed beetles that can be found munching roots and notching leaf edges. Check out The Ten Most Un- Wanted Pests for more detailed descriptions. Fortunately, there are varieties of roses and rhododendrons that resist their respective pests. Selecting these cultivars (listed in the chart ) for your landscape will reduce your reliance on pesticides for healthy plants. Mail-order cultivars if you can't find them at your favorite nursery.

Resistant Rose Varieties:

Rhododendrons Resistant to Root Weevils

Root weevil damage Healthy rhodie leaves

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