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Aliases Ground Beetle

Carabid Beetles

Physical Features
Adult ground beetles are very fast moving, with slender legs and can be seen foraging in ground litter and lawns. Ground beetles around Lake Whatcom are generally shiny to metallic in color with large, intimidating mouthparts.
Larvae are worm- or grub-like with six legs, a dark head capsule and prominent chewing mouthparts.

Beneficial Features

Both larvae and adults are mean-hunting-machines, out
to get trespassing insects and small worms. Ground beetles keep the slimiest of the slimy under control by doing in slugs and snails in your yard. These brave beetles will even defy their namesake and scale plants to restore law and order in higher areas under assault.


Ground beetles don’t like areas filled with poison. The best way to recruit ground beetles is to reduce pesticide usage around your landscape. If you do use a pesticide, apply it directly to the problem and not all over the ground. Also try not to let poisons be swept to the ground by drift or runoff.

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