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Fighting Lake Whatcom's Most Un-Wanted Pests

Hover Fly


These stealthy superheroes of the creepy-crawly world courageously search out Lake Whatcom’s Most Un-Wanted Pests and bring justice to our lawns and gardens. They get as many criminals off our leaves as the most decorated police officers get off the streets. They are extremely efficient assassins, so you won’t find them in large numbers like pests. Cashing in on their efficiency, some entrepreneurs will even hire them out. However, research shows that you’re better off recruiting from your own neighborhood. Spending money on secret agents that will slip away to other precincts or turn on each other if they’re crowded isn’t a great idea. The best strategy is to keep your local do-gooders in high numbers by offering them employment perks, like a pesticide-free workplace. Read on to learn more about keeping secret agents working for you.

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